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Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Anyone can store inventory and send it out on a truck. When looking to outsource all or part of a company's logistics function it is important to look for a third party logistics provider with proven expertise. To put it simply, third party logistics or "3PL" is the integration of a company's warehousing, transportation, and related logistics services through an outsourced or "third party" partnership. JEPL provides its clients with powerful logistics solutions involving people, technology and location working together to provide integrated, full service supply chain management.

With comprehensive 3PL services, supply chain efficiency, customer satisfaction and brand value growth come together to benefit you. When JEPL effectively bridges the gap between your goods and your customers, we call it "The Triple Win.

End-to-End Supply Chain Management

End-to-End Supply Chain Management: When it comes to delivering the right product in the right quantity and quality, at the right time and at an attractive price for consumers, retailers and manufacturers alike face an enormous challenge. They can only succeed by working closely together.

JEPL applies an innovative approach that considers both the market perspective and logistics costs. Here, we systematically examine logistics costs along the entire value chain's process cost, the cost of stock-outs and write-downs and the cost of tying up capital in inventory.

We then quantify the relevant drivers and optimise them, using this as a basis to derive new strategies for delivery routes. The result is a tool for successful E2E optimization of retail logistics.

It gives quick answers to the critical logistics questions faced by every retailer:

  • What is the total cost of my supply chain?
  • What delivery route is best for each supplier?
  • How much warehouse space do I need?
  • How much potential lies in having less write-downs, fewer stock-outs and less inventory?

The E2E approach describes the relationships between internal store processes and supply processes, quantifies them and makes them a basis for further decisions. For the sake of clarity, we divide the functions into three sub-models:

  • Warehouse/ distribution costs
  • Store KPIs
  • Store processes

We can use the overall model to calculate the exact costs for each supplier, store and product group, right down to the level of individual articles in a consignment.

Reverse Logistics

The key to a successful supply chain is not only planning how to distribute your product, but how to bring back both customer returns and obsolete products. Managing returns effectively lets you recapture value, reduce write-offs and keep your customers happy.

JEPL will help you design, plan and implement a reverse supply chain that supports your profit goals and maximizes your asset's value. We bring reverse logistics as the exacting management, resources, and technology required to increase control and asset recovery, improve information management, and save administrative time.

Whether we are handling your product returns to help you recapture value, or managing your recycling processes to help you safely dispose of your goods, we will provide a better experience for your business.

Services Include:

  • De-installation of finished goods at the customer's site
  • Return management, receiving, sorting, verifying and managing returned products
  • Express delivery, exchange of "Expiry" products.

Secondary Transportation Distribution

Our secondary transportation distribution services include delivery logistics of products from warehouses and distribution centres (DCs) to smaller DCs and customers. Delivery takes place within specified delivery periods.

Full truckloads (FTL) and less than truckloads (LTL)

Our transportation service offering include full truckloads and less than truckload deliveries. Through multiple logistical networks, we are able to collect goods (LTLs) from various points and consolidate freight into FTLs for primary transportation, achieving cost savings for customers involved.

Dedicated transportation (outsourced distribution solutions)

We provide dedicated transportation with dedicated fleets, and where necessary specialized and purpose-built fleets to meet customer requirements.

Safety is at the core of everything we do. We have a trained and qualified national safety, health and environment team who offer services to conduct route risk assessments, quality control and safety checks.

Express freight

Despite technological advances in doing business, there is an ongoing need to transport physical goods and documents over short and long distances, as quickly as possible, making consolidation, distribution and express solutions important elements of logistics. We are flexible and able to adapt quickly to changes in market conditions, addressing our customers needs in terms of security, tracking and committed delivery times.

Track & trace

Superior track and trace systems ensure that we keep a close eye on cargo. We employ world-class fleet management systems and satellite navigation providing real-time information and visibility, which allow our customers to be up to date with the status of shipments at any given time.

JayEx - Rider

JayEx-Riders is a unique innovation of Jayanti Express Pvt Ltd under Flexi work force which offers speedy, proficient and 100% customized logistic solution of bike riders.